Earthline Foundations and Shoring Ltd.

The Foundation of Heavy Civil Construction in Ontario

Ontario’s thriving infrastructure, construction, and transportation sectors are the engines on which the province’s major cities run. For the 5.5 million people living in the GTA, transportation systems, communication towers, pedestrian tunnels, condominiums and buildings support the multi-sector strength and talent of the country’s largest city.

Therefore it is hard to underestimate the importance of the foundation and shoring industry. The foundation is the lowest and supporting layer of a structure, while shoring is a general term referring to the process of supporting adjacent soil or structures in order to allow construction to proceed.

The Canadian Business Journal is proud to feature one of the GTA’s best foundation and shoring companies, Earthline Foundations and Shoring Ltd. With their combination of field and design experience in shoring, construction drilling and heavy civil projects, Earthline Foundations and Shoring Ltd. are trusted partners on construction projects large and small throughout Ontario.

Partners to Ontario Construction

Earthline Foundations and Shoring Ltd. was formed in 2011 when partners Jerry VanKooten, Ryan Smith and Greg Smith decided to amalgamate their decades of experience in heavy civil construction. With their expertise recognized in the industry, Earthline Foundations and Shoring has completed contracts at an impressive list of projects. These include the Union Subway Station expansion, Union-Pearson rail link, Toronto Zoo panda facility and the Sherway Gardens Mall expansion as well as smaller projects such as power pole installations and private residences.  Headquartered in Mississauga, the team has grown to 20 employees in two years, with its principals having completed shoring and foundation works for a wide variety of projects throughout Ontario including subway stations, condominiums, communication towers, pedestrian tunnels, utility installations and bridges.

VanKooten and his team typically conduct the first phase of services on a construction project, offering services in earth retention shoring and roadway protection, caisson walls, drilled caissons, drilled shafts and drill rig rental.  “Anywhere that there are poor ground conditions, we can offer things that your structure can sit on. Or if you wish to construct a building in close proximity to something else, we can shore up the ground to prevent it from caving in, so you can excavate immediately adjacent to a building, utility, property or road.”

Earthline Foundations and Shoring supports a very active construction industry. “Our industry gets a lot of work from underground construction. There are subways, underground LRT’s and a real renewal of infrastructure with large underground sewers and water mains replacing the older smaller ones. So there is a lot of underground work going on right now,” says VanKooten.

Sought after for its expertise and knowledge in design, Earthline Foundations and Shoring offer clients design alternatives and design-build solutions. The team is also very collaborative, working with the owners and with the general contractors throughout the project.

Recent Asset Investment

The company’s heavy investment in Soilmec assets ensures that Earthline has the most modern compact equipment for easy mobility and the capability to drill in all types of soil and rock formations. Ultimately, the company’s state-of-the-art equipment means things get done on schedule, which is imperative on multi-dimensional projects requiring many different trades.

The investment is part of the company’s strategic expansion plans. Now in its third year, Earthline Foundations and Shoring Ltd. expects to do 10 times the revenue that it did in its first year, and overall is projecting continued expansion in upcoming years as well. VanKooten credits his team’s years of knowledge and experience in the business. “All three partners have done work throughout the GTA for well over a decade, so we do have a large network of people that we’ve worked with and we’re able to draw on that,” says VanKooten, continuing, “And we’re very good at what we do. Every project has been successful; every project has led to recommendations for more work.”

“There is a lot to be said for good relationships. We’ve been able to expand at the rate we have by treating our clients with respect and treating them fairly. We’re constantly recommended for upcoming work by our past clients.”

Currently, Earthline Foundations and Shoring is working on the Northwest PATH Tunnel for the City of Toronto, and the Regent Park Community Centre.

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