Editorial: August 21

Housing prices are still showing no signs of abating from record-selling prices that have been garnered right across the country. While demand is now more in line with previous supply issues, a [...]

Editorial: May 21

Ontario Premier Doug Ford apparently doesn’t have the technical savv to figure out how to join a Zoom session on his home computer, but it’s all but certain someone within his inner circle does [...]

Editorial: Winter 21

Whether you agree, disagree or are indifferent to how the Trump era concluded there is no disputing that the final chapter of his presidency ended in tatters. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi conferred [...]

Editorial: Nov/Dec 20

While I’m willing to concede there is a whole lot to clean up to make this an ideal world, including how elections are held, nothing can be done on mere speculation that irregularities were [...]

Editorial: October 20

November 3, 2020: it is a date that has the potential of being one of the most significant in U.S. history. Americans will decide the political direction of their country over the next four [...]

Editorial: September 20

Erin O’Toole will try and deliver what Andrew Scheer was unable to do – namely convince Canadians that it’s time for the Conservatives to form the federal government. Political pundits seem to be [...]

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