Editorial: Nov/Dec 20

While I’m willing to concede there is a whole lot to clean up to make this an ideal world, including how elections are held, nothing can be done on mere speculation that irregularities were [...]

Editorial: October 20

November 3, 2020: it is a date that has the potential of being one of the most significant in U.S. history. Americans will decide the political direction of their country over the next four [...]

Editorial: September 20

Erin O’Toole will try and deliver what Andrew Scheer was unable to do – namely convince Canadians that it’s time for the Conservatives to form the federal government. Political pundits seem to be [...]

Editorial: August 20

Double jeopardy is what’s facing the federal government as it tries to juggle the needs of protecting a fragile economy while at the same time dealing with yet another ethics scandal involving [...]

Editorial: July 20

Canada’s six biggest banks are the latest in a growing list of corporations that are boycotting Facebook as a means of pressuring the social media giant to take more tangible steps to block hate [...]

Editorial: June 20

Long-term care homes have been the main topic in the news after a number of locations were so badly hit with sickness and death across the country, and particularly in Ontario and Quebec. A [...]

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