August 10 Editorial

Summer is the time to take a breather. And certainly, with the Canadian dollar gaining strength, hiring on the rise and a generally more positive sentiment felt across the country—why not [...]

July 10 Editorial

On Sunday, June 27, I was deemed nonthreatening enough to cross the G20 security fence to listen to my Prime Minister talk about global economic reform and creating strong, sustainable growth. [...]

June 10 Editorial

It’s events like this that make me happy I moved out of Toronto. Nothing personal against the fabulous city, but when 20 world leaders gather there later this month, it will be [...]

May 10 Editorial

It’s not often that I get star-struck. Actually, I’m the kind of person that would rather not meet famous people for fear of goading their egos more than necessary. But this month, I [...]

April 10 Editorial

For an hour on Saturday, March 27, people from all over the world turned off their power to raise awareness for climate change. That is, unless they a) forgot or b) chose to celebrate Edison hour [...]

March 10 Editorial

The Olympics are almost over. Regular television programming is returning. And Canadians are left with the pride of knowing we are the best. That feeling we all got when Crosby scored the [...]

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