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Editorial: November 19

SNC-Lavalin is not expecting a plea deal on criminal charges in the wake of the Liberal election victory. However, CEO Ian Edwards says the engineering company would be open to a settlement. The [...]

Editorial: October 19

International vacationers were left in the lurch with the recent sudden and unexpected collapse of British-owned travel company Thomas Cook. While there was obvious internal strife there was no [...]

Editorial: September 19

There’s no shortage of national and international intrigue and issues that will have a direct impact on this country’s economy, both in the near-term and longer-term future. First is the federal [...]

Editorial: August 19

Vaping teens are accounting for a sizable increase in the number of people have taken up the trendy habit in lieu of smoking. But it appears the cool factor of vaping for young people is so [...]

Editorial: July 19

Retail chain Dollarama must be selling a great deal of merchandise in its stores having the wherewithal to sign a deal to acquire a 50.1% stake in Latin American retailer Dollarcity, which [...]

Editorial: June 19

Competition in global economics has never been so fierce and it’s going to continue to intensify with each passing day. This year Canada ranks 12th in the annual Global Competitiveness Report [...]

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