Taking the risk out of cleaning products

Toronto- based Effeclean Canada Inc. is the brainchild of Founder and Managing CEO Shyaan Boodoo, a Canadian entrepreneur.

After a successful career as a national sales manager, it was a health scare in his family that inspired Boodoo to focus his business acumen on the pure and clean cleaning product market. Passionate about making non-toxic cleaning products, Boodoo looked to the cleaning products he knew and grew up with including farm grown, and natural ingredients.

Boodoo’s initial objective when he started Effeclean in 2009 was to create a cleaning line that would “preserve personal health, and enhance comfort and safety in the homes of consumers through the use of our safe and natural cleaning products.”

To define “pure and simple” is a feat of subtraction. Pure and simple in Effeclean means the absence of PVCs, phosphates, ammonia, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, formaldehydes, petroleum, diethanolamine and alcohols. This is where Effeclean obtains its leading market advantage. While many products can claim “all natural”, and yet still contain toxins. Effeclean products are non-toxic.

“Natural oil comes from the ground, and they claim its natural, and they are right it comes from the ground, however it is petroleum,” says Boodoo. “It is the same with alcohol that comes with corn, coconut or sugarcane; alcohol is alcohol, those are some examples of how eco packaging can be misleading.”

Effeclean products meet and exceed Boodoo’s initial goal of creating products safe for the entire family, including pets. The innovative line of products is made to the strict green standards employed by the European Union, and the cleaning performance of professional grade cleaners.

“Very few companies can meet that criteria,” says Boodoo, “and that is what separates Effeclean from everyone else.”

Boodoo strives to help educate the buying public who wish to buy the safest products for use in their home and around their family. “There is tremendous satisfaction knowing that we are helping society and helping people understand the value of health,” says Boodoo. “It is understanding ‘eco’ means, and helping society know what is eco and what is not. Knowing we can help people understand that and offer those products give me tremendous pride and is something I am absolutely proud to be involved with.”

Adam Malik is an Effeclean customer. “Effeclean Eco bathroom cleaner is great product,” he says. “It cleaned everything quickly and easily. The cleaner got the counters, sink and bathtub nice and clean with minimal effort. No rubber gloves were needed, there were no fumes at all, no smell or residue left behind. It made such a remarkably different experience than using typical household cleaners. It’s a very good product.”

Eco Baby

Effeclean offers a unique line of non-toxic safe cleaning products designed especially for use around infants and toddlers who are crawling directly on the floor. A Fragrance Free Hardwood Floor Cleaner is formulated for the cleaning and maintenance of varnish, acrylic, polyurethane, solid wood, engineered floors and laminate floors. “This product is safe and provides great results without any harmful VOC’s or toxic film residue, cleans streak free and maintains the warmth and elegance of a new hardwood floor for years.”

Other baby products include a diaper bin cleaner, bathroom cleaner and all-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean the home with peace-of-mind.

Eco Pet

Effeclean products take into account the health of family pets. The product line includes safe and simple cage and litter box cleaners, and odour removers that are tough on mess but safe around animals.

Genuine Eco Products

Effeclean has a large product line for any cleaning needs in the house, office, school or place of work. From stovetop cleaners, hardwood floor cleaner, granite and marble cleaner, tile and grout cleaner, to tablet/laptop screen cleaners, there is no aspect of cleaning that needs to be done with cleaners containing harmful toxins now that Effeclean is on the market.

Boodoo is setting his sights on a wider distribution in the next year.

For a full list on where to find Effeclean products, visit www.effeclean.com.