EmerDepot’s Global Relationship with Makrite Strengthens N95 Supply for Canadians

TORONTO, Oct. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “EmerDepot based in Toronto continues to grow its N95 respirator sales by following this simple set of rules,” says Jeff Eaves, Manager of Business Development. “You have to be first, you have to be better, you have to be consistent or you have to be less.”If you can be two out of these four things, you have a path to success.”EmerDepot certainly wasn’t first in stepping up in supplying pandemic safety supplies, PPE and the often elusive N95 mask. Director of Procurement’s Mr.Naveen Polapady realized quickly during this pandemic that their contacts in manufacturing and logistics expertise were suited in addressing shortages. “We have been working with Makrite Industries, a larger respirator manufacturer based in Taiwan with multiple factories in China.”“We are grateful to have this opportunity to support the Canadian front-line workers and hospitals. As a professional N95 manufacturer for over 25 years, we will continue our supply to the Canadian people to battle the Covid-19.”  – Bob Wen CEO Makrite Industries Inc.Eaves says, “What Makrite brings to the Canadian market is a very diverse portfolio of respirators Sekura-N95, 9500-N95 and 910-N95FMX different models for different applications under the Interim Order of Health Canada. As well, 9500-N95 and 910-N95FMX, are also FDA approved as Surgical Respirator. Makrite is one of the largest private branding manufacturers supplying many of the popular brands in industrial and retail accounts but had little brand exposure themselves in Canadian retail. Eaves insists they are on a mission to change that. I was brought in to help transition the Makrite brand to a respected Canadian brand in Healthcare, Dental and even the public through our Industrial and Retail accounts. We have capabilities of consistent supply of N95 respirators and work with Makrite to ensure the pipeline stays open for the front line and healthcare workers. Seeing other brands retailing for over double our current market price tells us we are on-track for success with our pricing and consistent supply of Makrite products for Canadians.”EmerDepot also maintains a showroom for Public in Toronto where they are encouraged to contact. [email protected] or Call 1888 401 3637 Ext-2 

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