Engineering Link

Building Envelope & Structure

Led by three partners, Robert Holroyd, Paul Pasqualini, and Matt Schmalz, Engineering Link is a Toronto-based engineering firm that specializes in building envelope and structural engineering services.

Founded in 2009, Engineering Link is a newer organization that competes in an increasingly diverse marketplace with respect to engineering services. Formerly co-workers at a larger office and a significant player in the engineering services sector, Holroyd, Pasqualini, and Schmalz soon decided to begin their own firm, bringing together their extensive and collective industry experience, combined with a new vision and commitment toward service and client projects.

“Our distinction is our service,” Pasqualini told The Canadian Business Journal. “Being a smaller firm, we are certainly nimble and we have built our business on reacting timely and providing excellent engineering services to clients. That has reflected in our repeat business and referrals, and it is part of what we have built our business on in the last four years.”

Engineering Link is finely tuned with the workings and experience of a larger firm, but without the bureaucratic challenges often associated with larger organizations. As such, this allows Engineering Link and its three principals to be agile and responsive to client needs and the demands of a variety of engineering projects.

“From a workplace standpoint, our organization is based on the experience of a large firm where it is very collaborative, but not like a corporate environment,” Holroyd summarized. “With our company, you are dealing with the people and the faces of the businesses, as opposed to being a few levels removed. With us, it is typical for our clients to deal directly with the business owners.”

After just a few short years, the company quickly grew to eight staff, and today stands strong with a team of 17 dedicated employees, all working toward the same goal and organizational focus and founding principle toward client service.

“We have been selective with the people who join our company, and even selective with our clients,” Pasqualini explained. “We are making sure that we are on sustainable ground and that we are managing our growth.”

New Business

As first-time entrepreneurs, the three principals have experienced some challenges in implementing their business vision in the engineering sector, although the group also recognizes the advantage it had in recruiting its existing client base to its new organization. It also sees the like-minded perspectives of the three founders as a key reason why the company has side-stepped many of the challenges and bumps in the road that often trouble newer organizations. The transition from the corporate world to one of a smaller firm has been natural and seamless.

Keeping busy early was a key point that allowed Engineering Link to find its place in the market and make its mark as a new engineering services firm. As a result, the company realized early growth which then allowed it to attract the attention of several new clients, as the company quickly proved its success, workmanship, and experience in the marketplace.

Focusing on the commercial, instituational, and industrial markets, as well as renovation and restoration services, Engineering Link sees continued operational growth on the road ahead. Looking toward the future, Engineering Link has set a goal to continue growing, increasing its size by 50 per cent over the next five years.

“In reality, we want to continue growing, but you can never look five years out; you can only look to tomorrow because everything changes so quickly in this industry, where people and new clients move around, so we always have to be nimble,” Pasqualini concluded. “We have established a great business to start and we have continued to add quality staff and to seek out quality clients.”