Enriched Investing

Serving the needs of long-term investors

After many years of climbing the corporate ladder at large financial institutions and investment firms, Margaret Samuel and Darryl Cailes concluded that there was a better way to serve the needs and aspirations of individual and institutional long term investors.

They envisioned a firm where clarity and transparency were key factors, where clients had access to their portfolios on a daily basis and the management of their investments was carried out by a skilled and experienced portfolio manager, always within the agreed upon framework of a mutually developed Investment Policy Statement.

Enriched Investing Incorporated (Enriched Investing) was founded in 1989. Its primary goal is to design and manage low volatility investment portfolios using a consistent set of proprietary metrics combining fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis. Developing growth and income portfolios using a consistent process has been an important reason for the success of the boutique firm with its low-key headquarters on Bay Street in Toronto and a branch office in Eastern Ontario. When asked about resources available to the small company, Ms. Samuel, who is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has an MBA, replied; ”in the process of doing our fundamental research we have visited scores of companies, interviewed senior management and attended many market analysis and executive presentations. In addition, we receive sophisticated first hand equity and fixed income research from a number of national and international financial institutions. Our knowledge base is complimented by our employment of a number of top rated vendor based software technologies to conduct our screens.”

As a privately owned corporation, managed by its majority shareholders, Enriched Investing is free to set its own high standards of ethical behavior and to follow strict regulatory compliance. Its independent structure means it is free from investment banking relationships, outside shareholders and sales quotas. Daily activities are focused on the firm’s core competency – conservatively managing assets for its valued clients. Ancillary needs such as estate planning, tax advice or detailed financial planning are addressed by carefully selected professionals. Routine tasks such as account administration are outsourced to specialty firms, allowing management to remain focused solely on meeting its clients’ investment objectives.

“Our clients appreciate the way we shop for bargains,” comments Mr. Cailes, who began his formal career as an Investment Advisor with the world’s largest international investment firm in 1985. “We are continually looking for high quality securities at bargain prices, the opportunities may be market driven or company specific but must be judged not to affect the issuer’s long term strength.” Chief Investment Officer Margaret Samuel’s deep experience over several market cycles as equity analyst, portfolio manager and chief compliance officer in prominent institutional settings has been a material factor in the firm’s exemplary performance.

The company holds professional relationships with two outside portfolio management firms and maintains professional alliances with SGGG Fund Services Inc. and National Bank Correspondent Network. The two divisions of Enriched Investing Incorporated, Enriched Wealth Management and Enriched Capital act for their clients as Fiduciaries, the industry’s highest ethical and legal standard. While Enriched Wealth Management manages the customized portfolios of its high net worth clients, Enriched Capital targets the managing of hedge funds and mutual funds, both internally and for outside investment firms.

Today, both institutional and private clients have a real alternative to large bank owned firms and mutual fund companies. Enriched Investing’s transparency, integrity and skilled investment management are part of a business strategy that is consistent with the continued prosperity and well-being of its growing base of satisfied clients.