Equium Capital Management Inc. Announces Closing of ECRE Hinton Limited Partnership

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TORONTO, Dec. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Equium Capital Management Inc., on behalf of Equium Capital Real Estate (ECRE), is pleased to announce the closing of the ECRE Hinton Limited Partnership (“Partnership”). The Partnership is a newly established limited partnership that has entered into a joint venture agreement with Smart Living Developments Inc. in connection with the development of a purpose-built rental apartment building (“Project”) at 84-96 Hinton Avenue, City of Ottawa (“Property”).

“Purpose-built rental is the most exciting and promising area in real estate today and we are thrilled to be working with Smart Living, a visionary yet seasoned multi-family developer in the Ottawa area,” said Cameron Hurst, CEO of Equium Capital. “This fund represents another significant milestone in our firm’s goal to offer institutional-calibre real estate development investments to qualified individuals and Canadian Investment Advisors and their clients.”

The Partnership closed on December 10, 2018 and the land transaction, wherein the joint venture will acquire the Property, is scheduled to close December 20, 2018, after which the Project will commence. The Property has a site plan approval for the proposed Project, including a total of 4 buildings to be constructed with 85 residential units together with at-grade commercial uses.

For more information on Equium Capital’s Real Estate strategy, visit: https://www.equiumcapital.com/real-estate-strategy

About Equium Capital Management Inc.
Equium Capital is a boutique investment management firm specializing in real estate-focused private equity funds and global, multi-asset investment solutions. Combining the best elements of traditional and alternative investing, Equium Capital manages portfolios and funds with a reliably conservative diligence and best-practices approach. The primary goal is to generate high-quality investment returns that better preserve capital and grow wealth over time. www.equiumcapital.com for more information.

About Smart Living Properties
Smart Living (“SLP”) is a leader in providing smarter, fully-furnished and all-inclusive rentals to the millennial segment. SLP maximizes income per sq. ft. and ultimately investor returns by incorporating its millennial strategy into new-build and value-add projects. With 30 completed projects to date, SLP has a proven track record of successful projects and has become a top rental provider for millennials, who represent 37% of the Canadian workforce.

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