Erickson College

Accredited Life Coach Training and ICF Certification

Erickson College is a pioneer of life and executive coach training and leadership development in Canada, responsible for producing over 40,000 graduates since its inception in 1980. Training is delivered as either an online, in-person or combination program to meet the demanding schedules of the Erickson students

Accreditation with Erickson allows students to apply coaching in a number of industries, disciplines and environments including Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Performance and Leadership Coaching.  Erickson’s ICF accredited program The Art and Science of Coaching consists of five Modules and goes beyond the standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Corporate Coaching   

Erickson works with major global organizations as Mercedez Benz, SAP, Canada Post, CIBC, Johnson and Johnson, China Telecom, and more, to harness the potential of their employees. Coaching is applied in the workplace to provide a clear roadmap of how to make the best decisions, work most efficiently and work most productively.  The process ensures that the employee recognizes that they are an integral and valued member of the company.
 “Our mantra is ‘Changing the world, one conversation at a time’,” says Lawrence McGinnis, Executive Director. “A coach really taps into someone’s potential and directs them to find tools to make decisions for themselves.”

“The corporate world can be a real command and control environment where managers direct,” continues Lawrence. “Companies use coaching as a completely different approach to facilitating change.” Employees are empowered to find the decision for themselves.  Erickson partners with our clients to equip their leaders and managers with the necessary skillsets to help their employee achieve this.”

“For example, the soldier on the battlefront knows more about the situation in his sector than the general does,” says Lawrence. “So when one is asking questions of an employee, you get more information about what the current circumstances are, because they are on the front line of your company.” Coaching unleashes the power and knowledge of your workforce so that it can be applied in a directed way to achieve the required objective.

Clients come to Erickson for various reasons. “Aimed to unleash a company’s largest untapped resource, its employees, Erickson programs are multi-tiered,” says McGinnis. “Our students are either entrepreneurs who are wanting to become accredited professional coaches or companies who wish to inculcate coaching as competency into their management style and within the organization.”

Graduates of Erickson help their companies develop prioritization skills, self-management, and personal accountability in their people. On a corporate level, coaches are developed and coaching competency is built to achieve a coaching culture within the organization.  SAP is a perfect example of this where Erickson has been appointed their global coach training partner to accredit all their internal coaches Designed around how the human brain works and using systems from cognitive psychology, Erickson offers programs in major cities around North America. The Manager as Coach Training is “based on Solution Focused Principles and Outcome Oriented Coaching, providing a real and relevant connection between work and core values,” says McGinnis.

Companies question the value of coach training as the return is not one that is measured in fiscal terms. Rather, Erickson uses indicators such as increased employee satisfaction, retention, customer satisfaction and communication scores as key elements for establishing leadership competence and team successes.

“The causal link between coach training and fiscal returns is difficult to pin down however there is a definite correlation,” says McGinnis. McGinnis points to a case study that covered a division of 700 participants. The results of the study were very positive.  “Participants experienced a new sense of life balance as a result of creating a powerful structure of accountability for themselves and their teams. The productivity program together with a series of team coaching sessions brought a fresh perspective towards shifting prioritization habits. The behavior change and skill adoption rate for the participants increased from 21 per cent to 68 per cent by the end of three months. After 60 days, 74 per cent of participants demonstrated managerial coaching practice adoption. 22 per cent of those participants demonstrated high-level skill adoption.”

Carol Johnston is a Team Leader for American Express, a client of Erickson. “The questions really work, especially the accountability questions,” says Johnston. “Week by week, I have been challenging my team members and holding them to their promises. It works. I took more from this program than all the training I have had in my seven years with American Express.”

Erickson’s graduates appreciate the college’s pioneering online program. “Today, in the corporate world people cannot take three to four days out of the office,” says McGinnis. Erickson has led the field in providing online training offering flexible programs that are tailored to corporate schedules.

Erickson continues to pioneer and explore new approaches to corporate development and change management including exploring the links between corporate mindfulness and corporate consciousness.  Its new workshop, Corporate Mindfulness, tackles this much mythicized topic and provides real mechanisms to apply mindfulness in achieving strategic visions and objectives, as well as improved team performances.

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