Esssex Needs Strong Representation Standing Up for a Workers-Centred Recovery

ESSEX, Ontario, Aug. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canadian Labour Congress’ cross-Canada tour visited Essex today, with Larry Rousseau canvassing for New Democrat candidate Tracey Ramsey.

“The pandemic hit this labour market worse than anywhere in Ontario and unemployment remains very high. And to make matters worse, working families faced a double-whammy of being thrown out of work just when the cost of living and housing prices were soaring,” said Rousseau, Canadian Labour Congress’ Executive Vice-President. “Canada’s unions are standing up in support of candidates like Tracey Ramsey because she is someone who always stands up for workers and their families.”

Canadian Labour Congress representatives are travelling the country in support of candidates who are putting workers at the centre of their recovery plan.

“People are worried about the high cost of housing and the rising costs of just about everything else. Worried about being left behind in the pandemic recovery. Women in this region saw their unemployment rate triple, and too many were forced out of the labour market altogether,” added Canadian Labour Congress President Bea Bruske. “Canada’s unions are demanding all parties have a plan for replacing lost jobs with better ones and investing in disaster-proofing our social safety net, so that things like housing, childcare and prescription drugs are available and affordable for all.”

Over the next four weeks, Bruske and the CLC will be engaging voters and campaigning for candidates who have a recovery plan that includes creating good jobs with benefits, fair wages and a path to unionization; strengthening public health care through universal pharmacare; bolstering Canada’s social safety net through investing in affordable housing and childcare; and tackling climate change in a way that leaves no workers behind.

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