Everything is One – A New Documentary Film that Decodes the Mystery of Life, Released by Center for Introspection & Enlightenment

SURREY, British Columbia, April 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Center for Introspection & Enlightenment, Canada has released a new documentary film called Everything is One as a part of its outreach program.
The documentary film meant for scientists & technologists is available worldwide on VimeoEverything is One has 2 parts, each with duration of 90 min.Origin, Evolution & Nature of lifeĀ® describes the design & architecture of the human system. It is the journey of life as it evolved through time.Purpose of life. Connecting the dotsā€¦Ā® describes the functional specifications & application axiom of the human system.The Center’s initiatives are aimed at enlarging the human vision, redefining the purpose of life and evolving into an advanced species.The Center aims to bring scientists & technologists together on the same page.Ramesh Kulkarni, the author of these films, has worked in IT industry for 25 years.According to Mr Kulkarni, ā€œUnderstanding the schematics of the complete human system would make it easier to identify problems, segregate issues and troubleshoot the subsystems without adversely affecting and harming the whole.ā€The author expects that the film Everything is One will help scientists & technologists in the areas of Cellular Development, Bio Technology, Embryo Science, Medical Oncology, Human Biology, Bioinformatics, Medical Engineering, Genomics Science, Immunology, Neuro-Sciences, Humanities & Artificial Intelligence, and especially in Medical & Healthcare.Mr Kulkarni feels the film would provide new insights and open up new areas for research & development in these disciplines.In 2006, the Center had launched The American Way. Connecting the dotsā€¦Ā®, a film for eradicating global poverty.The American Way explores how the US creates & distributes material wealth.It provides a road-map for poor & developing countries for eradicating poverty through systemic changes.The American Way was screened to the Planning Commission & Govt of India in 2006.All 3 documentary films are available worldwide on Vimeo. The Center is a non-profit foundation based in British Columbia, Canada.Website is www.ci-e.comEmail- [email protected]A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/3cad6966-e5ff-40c1-95d3-7f7f1552bb22
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