Everything Podcasts Ltd. Announces a new audio product, Introducing Snapcasts

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Everything Podcasts Ltd., a division of Pattison Media is excited to announce the launch of a new audio product called Snapcasts. Snapcasts is a 5 to 8 minutes podcast that provides clients with a dynamic, cost-efficient audio content alternative that allows them to leverage the power of the podcast ecosystem. A short powerful easy to consume audio evolution.

“The growth in podcasting confirms that on demand audio content is becoming a medium of choice for more and more consumers. In a market where there are an ever-increasing number of entertainment and information options on screen, choosing audio content for your messaging just makes good business sense. Snapcasts addresses the need to get to market faster as well as providing an affordable means for brands to enter the podcasting space. Study after study, whether in early childhood education or advertising retention point to the power and unique ability of a human voice to connect with people. Podcasts give companies that advantage and Snapcasts now makes that possible for a larger range of businesses,” says Everything Podcasts CEO, Jennifer Smith.

The growth and importance of podcasting shows no sign of slowing down. According to Cumulus Media, Signal Hill Insights recent survey agency and brands, 71% have discussed podcast advertising for potential media investment.1

Everything Podcasts’ clients include national and international companies such as St. Michael’s Unity Health Toronto, Kings College London, KPMG, Charity Village and Dr. Bernstein Diet & Health Clinics, and Pattison Media’s 12 part series – Amplify Canada.

About Everything Podcasts Ltd.

Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., Everything Podcasts provides turn-key audio solutions for companies and brands eager to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to consumers in a way that can really influence. From ideation to creation to distribution to promotion, Everything Podcasts is a full-service media production company. Our team brings award winning experience in creating content that engages audiences and delivers compelling audio design and powerful storytelling. Visit www.everythingpodcasts.com for more information.

About Pattison Media

Headquartered in Kamloops, B.C., Pattison Media is the country’s largest, private, western-based media company. Spanning British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, their operations currently encompass 45 FM and 3 AM radio stations, 3 television stations, 18 online news portals and a strategic partnership/partial ownership in digital & creative agency, Lift Interactive, in Edmonton, AB. Pattison Media is a proud division of the Jim Pattison Group, a diversified group of operating businesses, based in Vancouver, which has grown to become the second largest privately held company in Canada. Please visit www.pattisonmedia.com or www.jimpattison.com for more information.


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