Facebook Outage Causes Chaos

CBJ — It’s only been with us for about a decade, but when Facebook and its social media sidekick Instagram went down across a large part of the world, it created chaos — for some. Others merely found something else to do.

But for advertisers and businesses that have come to depend on social media, it was certainly a frustrating day.

Online outage trackers revealed that the hardest hit regions were in North and South America, Europe and Japan.

Facebook is now considering the possibility of providing refunds to advertisers for the inconvenience.

“A server configuration issue made it difficult for people to access our apps and services. We are 100% back up and running and apologize for any inconvenience,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

“We are still investigating the overall impact of this issue, including the possibility of refunds for advertisers.”

Facebook makes tens of millions of dollars in advertising revenue every day.