FAIR Canada Announces New Members of Board of Directors

TORONTO, Nov. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Investor Rights (FAIR Canada) announces three new members to serve on its board of directors. 
Board of Directors
We are pleased to announce that Wanda Morris, Pat Foran, and Line Deslandes have joined the board of directors at FAIR Canada, continuing the process of FAIR Canada’s board renewal that commenced in April 2019 with the appointment of Larry Bates.
Wanda Morris is a Vancouver based CPA and social activist with over three decades of business experience, and a campaigner, advocate and media commentator. She is a former columnist for Post Media (Grey Matters) and Zoomer Magazine. Ms. Morris has led public advocacy campaigns on a number of issues including investor protections, pension security, medically assisted dying, and improving safety in long-term care. She is the Chair of the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investment’s Consumer and Investor Advisory Council, a past member of the Ontario Securities Commission’s Seniors Expert Advisory Committee and a Board Member of Obesity Canada. Wanda holds a B.Comm from the University of Calgary and a Masters of Arts Degree in Transforming Spirituality from Seattle University.Pat Foran is an award-winning journalist who has worked with several CTV affiliates since 1986. He is CTV’s Consumer Advocate and host of a popular feature segment on CTV Toronto called “Consumer Alert”. His stories are viewed across Canada. Foran has helped consumers recover millions of dollars, exposed scams, warned about unsafe products, and passed on countless money saving tips to the public. Thousands of phone calls, emails, and letters received from viewers prove there is an intense public thirst for solid, trustworthy consumer information. He is also an advocate for financial literacy and was asked to serve on the Federal Government’s Financial Literacy Task Force from 2009-2011. Pat is the author of four national bestselling books on consumer and financial issues. His latest “The Smart, Savvy Young Consumer” is designed to help young Canadians spend and save wisely.Line Deslandes has worked in the finance and capital markets industry for close to 20 years. She led legal and compliance teams of portfolio managers, retail funds and hedge funds in Canada, Europe and in the U.S. Line has been the general counsel of State Street Global Advisors in the U.K. where she handled all legal aspects of European and Middle East asset management activities. Line has also been the VP Legal and Chief Compliance Officer of O’Leary Funds, a family of retail funds based in Canada, and was the Chief Compliance Officer of FORT L.P., a hedge fund manager based in Washington D.C. In those roles, she advised on the establishment, offering and administration of pooled vehicles invested in traditional and alternative asset classes and she implemented and monitored compliance requirements including registration, conduct, disclosure, cyber-security and AML. Line also worked as a consultant for the World Bank Group, advising on capital market issues. She was admitted to the Québec bar in 1998 and she began her career working as a legal counsel for the National Bank and the Royal Bank of Canada.“FAIR Canada is pleased to have these experienced individuals with their diverse and extensive backgrounds join the board of directors. They bring their extensive knowledge of investors rights and consumer advocacy to FAIR Canada. We look forward to their contributions to FAIR Canada’s mission of being a leading national voice for investors in securities regulation,” said Guy Lemoine, Co-Chair.“With the addition of these new members of the board of directors who provide their perspectives and experiences from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, FAIR Canada has enhanced its strength as an advocate for the rights of individual investors and the integrity and fairness of the Canadian capital markets,” said Ellen Roseman, Co-Chair.FAIR Canada is continuing the process of board renewal. The board of directors of FAIR Canada is now composed of the following individuals:Preet Banerjee | Toronto
Larry Bates | Toronto
Line Deslandes | Washington D.C./Montreal
Pat Foran | Toronto
Guy Lemoine (Co-Chair) | Montreal
Wanda Morris | Vancouver
Rossa O’Reilly | Toronto
Ellen Roseman (Co-Chair) | Toronto
Marc J. Ryan | Montreal
For further information please contact:
Ermanno Pascutto
Executive Director, FAIR Canada
Guy Lemoine
Co-Chair, Board of Directors, FAIR Canada
Ellen Roseman
Co-Chair, Board of Directors, FAIR Canada
About FAIR Canada
FAIR Canada is a national, charitable organization dedicated to putting investors first. As a voice for Canadian investors, FAIR Canada is committed to advocating for stronger investor protections in securities regulation. Visit www.faircanada.ca for more information
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