Fairway Divorce Solutions® Unveils 3 New Locations

Fairway Divorce Solutions® Unveils 3 New Locations

CALGARY, Alberta, April 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What do a former chemical engineer, lawyer, traffic court judge and clergy have in common? A passion for humanizing the divorce process and now the means to make it a reality. A better way to divorce is three times easier as Fairway Divorce Solutions® announces three new locations in Oakville, Ontario, Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

The new locations are part of Fairway’s corporate strategy to increase Canadians’ access to a less confrontational divorce process. The growth is also in line with provincial court mandates to increase mediation as the first step to litigation and conflict resolution. Time will tell whether the pandemic results in an increased percentage of court filings. At Fairway, the trend is an increase in those activating separation or divorce and those seeking accurate information from a trusted source as they make this monumental life decision.

Each new franchise location offers Fairway’s unique and proprietary mediation method. Since its inception in 2006, the “Fairway Method” of mediation has proven to resolve divorce conflict quickly while protecting family relationships and financial assets.

For Corey Anderson, an experienced mediator and former clergy, a devotion to fostering hope for life after divorce underscore his practice. Already the owner of a successful Fairway franchise, the opening of his second Edmonton location means increased access to Corey’s expertise, his dedicated team of mediation experts, and the Fairway family.

“People and the future they want comes first,” Corey said, “It’s faster to go slow at the start of the process to ensure everyone involved explores and prepares for the lives they want to live once this chapter is closed. It’s our responsibility to honour that desire and to help guide and conclude with a timely resolution.”

Successful real estate broker Ljubica Krpan witnessed many clients’ financial pressures while settling their most valuable asset–their home.

“The financial devastation often experienced post-divorce is disheartening. I want to be part of a positive change where the end of a marriage isn’t the end of your life as you know it,” said Ljubica, whose location will serve Ontario’s Oakville area.

For Micheal Sondermann, conflict resolution remained the focus throughout his legal career. Deborah Prowse is a former judge whose extensive experience as a social worker and patient advocate underscore her mediation and conflict resolution expertise. For both, mediation means reducing adverse effects. The partner’s new Fairway Calgary location embodies this philosophy.

“When dissolving a relationship or solving conflict, it can make all the difference to have someone in the room whose only job is to ensure everyone stays focused on the desired outcome,” Michael said. Deborah adds, “Empathy is often the difference between trauma and healing. Our job is to find what is most important to each person and then figure out how to get there. Concurrent is the important job of supporting the vision for the next chapter of their lives.”

The Oakville, Ontario, Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta locations are now open and serving clientele. To learn more and see how we can help you safely during the pandemic, please visit FairwayDivorce.com.

About Fairway Divorce Solutions
Fairway Divorce Solutions® is Canada’s leading divorce and mediation company with offices in five provinces. Services include Fairway’s unique proprietary mediation method that resolves divorce conflict quickly and efficiently and includes the agreements and plans necessary for filing a divorce in Canada.

For more information about Fairway Divorce Solutions®, please contact:
Karen Stewart, CEO: [email protected]
Daryl Maksymec, CTO: [email protected] or [email protected]vorce.com

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