FarmLink Marketing Solutions

Canada’s premier source for grain marketing services

FarmLink assists Western Canadian producers by analyzing commodity markets and global trade performance to identify profit maximizing opportunities.

Closely following commodity pricing trends, FarmLink provides producers with analytical expertise and farm planning solutions. FarmLink’s involvement in grain marketing allows producers to focus their efforts on production and agronomic decisions.

Described as a constant mix of analyzing commodity markets and opportune times to maximize profitability, FarmLink’s involvement in grain marketing, the farming business community, as well as the global markets has evolved over the years. In initially conceptualizing its grain marketing services, FarmLink identified the key service areas to be provided by a local advisor: farm planning, budgeting, and a cash flow tailored plan to assist in identifying market opportunities. FarmLink’s service allows producers to make grain marketing decisions tailored to their own farm business, ultimately increasing the profits and reducing the stresses of local producers.

In fact, FarmLink’s service proved increasingly valuable through the economic downturn, and although the agricultural industry was mostly insulated during these times, FarmLink continued to grow as many producers required assistance when experiencing initial market volatility.

FarmLink sources global markets to maximize the best opportunities for producers. The company’s tailored planning and cash flow forecasting is unique to each producer, further distinguishing FarmLink’s industry standing. Additionally, the company employs marketing advisors who are deeply ingrained in these Western Canadian communities, the logic being that the these advisors’ long roots make them intimately familiar with both the realities and opportunities facing the modern producer. As part of a small town community, local marketing advisors are ingrained with the knowledge and influence that the agricultural industry has in a rural community, and have a strong understanding of the needs and goals of each community producer.

“We’re focused on consistency and selling in response to market signals. Our decisions are based on the producer’s unique needs,” Tamara McLellan, Marketing and Communications Manager with FarmLink Marketing Solutions, told The Canadian Business Journal.

Combining market recommendations and advisory support, FarmLink’s analytic team situated across Western Canada furthers the network between producer and advisor.

“Our main goal is to have great analytical performance and to have our processes and systems in place so that every day we can make the best decisions for farmers,” McLellan summarized. “We want to be a consistent resource on how to minimize risks and when to maximize profits.”

Service Packages

FarmLink offers a variety of service packages to manage producers’ individual marketing needs. In addition, FarmLink has two programs for all farmers, even those who choose to do their own grain marketing.

HedgeLink is a producer training and strategy support program for those interested in managing price risk through futures and options. Working alongside FarmLink’s analytical team, this module-based education and training program offers advanced training and support directed toward producer marketing plans.

It includes 13 introductory training modules, each discussing a topic of futures and options in regard to price risk.

Another new venture, MarketLink, connects producers with unique opportunities in grain brokerage.

Farming Futures

Actively involved in the communities in which it serves, each year FarmLink allocates a sum of money to give back to the local community. There are two aspects to the program. The first is an educational scholarship fund which grants $1,500 each to six graduating high school students who have demonstrated a strong interest in pursuing a post-secondary education and career within the agriculture industry.

A second initiative awards $15,000, in $500 increments, to a community-based or agricultural organization in the communities where advisors are based.

Donation criteria is based on agricultural investment or encouraging youth to pursue the agricultural sector. FarmLink Marketing Solutions strives to make a difference in the communities in which it serves.