Features » April 10

Greater Sudbury

“The Change we are living through is as big and as challenging as the transformation from agriculture to industry. Our economy is shifting away from jobs based largely on physical skills or [...]

Spotlight on northern Ontario City of Timmins

Shania Twain may have put Timmins on the map, but city officials are directing that spot-light onto the abundant opportunities the city has to offer. The surrounding cottage country and [...]

News in Review

Canada’s favourite season returns Roll Up the Rim is back! Tim Hortons’ annual coffee contest has officially started, with more than 31-million prizes. Canada’s most popular [...]

Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative (TREC)

By the time Judith Lipp had finished her PhD at Dalhousie University, Ontario had only just taken notice of the possibilities of the renewable sector for alternative energy sources. Now, Lipp is [...]

Reversal of Fortune

The idea behind aid is basic at its core. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. It is an elementary principle, but does it always work? For generations, Africa has been on the [...]

Bullfrog Power hosts companies dedicated to environmentalism

On March 4, Bullfrog Power invited top executives from leading Canadian companies including KPMG, the TDL Group (Tim Hortons) and WWFCanada to hold a panel discussion on how companies can address [...]

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