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Pop Quiz!

Today’s topic is the law of commercial leases and today’s question will focus on a landlord’s rights and remedies in a commercial lease. Here is question number 1: If a tenant [...]

Canadian Pipelines: Where Do They Go From Here?

Keystone and the Northern Gateway: major oil and gas projects that would serve two uniquely diverse trading partners, and both with the potential of having a massive economic impact on [...]

Canadian Short-term Economic Outlook

A report put out in March by Arlene Kish of IHS Global Insight suggests the Canadian economy will pick up on the second half of the year, with best performance in the fourth quarter of 2012, and [...]

Lucrative Energy Deals Await, But Will Chinese Bureaucracy Hinder Such Deals?

Long before a well-publicized deal to send Canadian oil to the United States was knocked to the sidelines by the American government, based almost solely on political gamesmanship, it became [...]

The Weather is getting Worse…Adaptation is the solution

The weather is getting worse. The number of natural disasters is on the rise. Winter weather across most of the country broke records as unseasonably warm and ended in a heat wave. The cost of [...]

Succession Planning: A Scientific Approach for Winning the Talent War

The phrase “succession planning” means many different things to many different people.  For some it is a confusing gray area that evokes a twinge of fear, for others it conjures [...]

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