Features » April 19

A Chance to Level the Playing Field for the Rural Industry

Despite years of federal investment and political hand-wringing, the gulf in broadband availability between Canada’s urban and rural population stubbornly refuses to vanish. The most recent [...]

Feds Miss Chance to Create Stimulus Strategy for Cities

Most Canadian cities will have finalized their budgets by this point in the year. This annual process of city councils determining what gets funded and how reveals a perpetual problem that must [...]

Having what it takes to Achieve Your Goals

Do you find that people set goals based on someone else achieving a similar goal, yet they are not willing to do what it will take to achieve it? For the past two years I have been writing about [...]

Building a Strong Culture, Structure and Strategy To Effectively Manage Organizational Knowledge

Executives today are under a tremendous amount of pressure in today’s global economy. This is due to the technology age and expansion of the easy access to information and knowledge due to the [...]

Costly Reputation Management Mistakes

When someone wants to know more about you or your business, they will look you up online… and guess where they’ll head first? That’s right; your social media profiles and your website. They could [...]

Empowerment – Works Both Ways

“People just starting their careers may think a job is just a job. But when they choose a company, they often choose a way of life.” – Terrence E. Deal and Allan A. Kennedy There are some [...]