Features » August 10

There’s a place for women in mining

For years, women have slowly carved out roles for themselves in the mining and oil and gas sectors—though you’d be hard pressed to find industry statistics on women in resources, as [...]

Canada’s trade and investment diversification, beginning with China

Today we find ourselves in what economists call a “new normal” economic situation, following the global financial and economic crises of the last two years, which will be marked by [...]

An open innovation discussion with Jeff Weedman of P&G

This year, $276 million was invested across the entire country of Canada in the first quarter, and in 2009 the number was $279 million invested. This is 50 per cent lower than 2008 numbers. Both [...]

Exclusive Interview: Alberta Energy Minister Ron Liepert

CBJ is pleased to present an interview with Alberta Energy Minister Ron Liepert, who spoke with George Media Editor in Chief Sara Kopamees about new developments in Canadian energy industry [...]