Features » August 11

Alex Carrick: America’s housing crunch

The big gaping hole in the world economy is U.S. housing starts. Stuck at around half a million starts seasonally adjusted and annualized, the figure is way below where it should be in a normal [...]

Roy Green: U.S. debt ceiling – partisan politics vs. pragmatic common sense

“Washington is like a log floating down a river with 60,000 ants onboard. Each ant thinks it is steering.” A quote read long ago and thanks to political gamesmanship at the highest of [...]

Clean 15: Canada will be the next big thing

There has been lots of buzz around the BRIC countries and the emerging markets. The speed of growth in these markets have left investors drooling and chomping at the bit. There has been specific [...]

Entrepreneur profile: Sarah Liberatore

“When my girlfriends and I get together, we want good quality, easy-drinking wine that’s affordable–and looks fabulous on the dinner table,” said Sarah Liberatore, founder [...]

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show gears up for expanded event: following results of national survey

Nearly 60 per cent of Canadian manufacturing companies are planning to spend more money on manufacturing equipment this year compared to 2010, while approximately 30 per cent are prepared to [...]

Time for marketing change at the Canadian Wheat Board

For the past few weeks the Prairies have been abuzz; not from the sounds of farm equipment, which is an unfortunate reminder of the lasting effects of this year’s flooding, but from a [...]

Shareholder agreements made simple

In advising a client on updating a Shareholder Agreement, I spoke to lawyer Jordan Dolgin, LLB a seasoned corporate lawyer with deep insight. His first piece of advice was “there is no [...]

CBJ attends pioneering green energy event

July 6 marked the ribbon-cutting of the largest solar installation project in the Greater Toronto Area—and it’s community-owned! The SolarShare WaterView Project features a 438 kW [...]

Creating Value with your Supply Chain

There was a time when all the pundits were arguing about what was meant by the term Supply Chain or Demand Chain or Value Chain, or whether we should use the word chain at all because chains have [...]

Tennis Canada – Combined forces

Every August, the tennis world collectively focuses its attention on Canada’s Rogers Cup tennis tournaments. Unique in the circuit, Rogers Cup presented by National Bank is a rotating [...]

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