Features » August 13

The Next Generation of Open Data

The much-anticipated next-generation Open Data portal, data.gc.ca, is up and running and able to provide Canadians with unprecedented access to government data and information. It’s [...]

New BizPaL Services Reach Manitoba

Starting and running a business in Pinawa, Man. has become much easier thanks to BizPaL, an online business permit and licence service that saves time spent on paperwork and helps entrepreneurs [...]

Border Basics

As new products and technologies emerge, they often face potential potholes—from inefficiencies to safety hazards—any of which can slow their progress to market. Products, like [...]

You Think Fraudsters Only Affect a Small Number of People – Think Again!

We have seen or heard the horror stories where a fraudster has put a mortgage on a house without the homeowner’s knowledge. Only when the loan goes into arrears does the homeowner suddenly [...]

Revenues are Down – What Do You Do Now?

Revenues are flat or down! The CEO and Board are badgering you for an immediate fix. You’re stuck. What are your options and what can you do to recover – and recover quickly? At some [...]

Changes to Rail Safety Too Late for 47 Lost Souls in Lac-Mégantic

It’s rather mind-numbing to contemplate that prior to now, it was not against regulations to leave an unattended freight train carrying hazardous or otherwise potentially dangerous cargo [...]

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