Features » August 13

Mobile Marketing

A number of Canadians say they would buy more if presented with promotional offers on their smartphone while out shopping. When asked what they would do if they received a promotion on their [...]

Natural Resources

Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver says he’s extremely optimistic about potential opportunities for Canada to do business with South Korea after recent meetings with some of their key [...]

What’s Hot & What’s Not

Are you wondering which social media trends are here to stay? Do you question where you should be spending your time when it comes to social media for business? There have been many social media [...]

Are Toll Highways the Answer for GTA Congestion Woes?

For the many thousands of commuters in the Greater Toronto Area, they know too well the pain and suffering of the daily grind due to a woefully inadequate infrastructure to move people [...]

Porter Airlines Aims to be 3rd National Airline Carrier

Everyone loves a business success story – everyone except maybe those working for the competition. Such is the case with Porter Airlines, the small regional airline carrier founded in [...]

The Next Generation of Open Data

The much-anticipated next-generation Open Data portal, data.gc.ca, is up and running and able to provide Canadians with unprecedented access to government data and information. It’s [...]

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