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What Holds Canada Back? Protectionism, Corporate Taxes And A Dearth of Innovation

The topic of economic stability has been front and centre not only here in Canada but around the world and especially after the U.S. government began its crusade to revisit and rescind certain [...]

Having The Right Answers When Debt Comes Calling

Debt is a given when it comes to running a small business. It can be a necessary tool when starting, expanding, or simply managing your day-to-day business operations. Yet for many small business [...]

Addressing Atlantic Canada’s Talent Needs Mobile Workforce

The topic of Atlantic Canada’s labour market is often surrounded by commentary about aging boomers and fleeing millennials, both contributing to an imminent talent supply shortage. The premise [...]

Top Three Shifts Business Leaders Need to Adopt

Ever since I started coaching hockey in 1982, one of the sayings that I preached to my players was “Head on a swivel.” It meant make sure you look around and always notice what is going on around [...]

Social Media: What You Can and Can’t Automate

Do you wonder what the most effective tools for social media automation are? Or maybe you are unsure about what you should and shouldn’t schedule? Like most things in social media, the answer is [...]

Effective Travel Management Can Be The Ticket To Sporting Success

Elite athletes and teams travelling to compete and perform do so with a clear mission in mind. Ensuring that every element of the process – from equipment getting to the right location to [...]

A New Approach to Corporate Investigations In the MeToo Movement

The MeToo movement, which started out on Twitter as #metoo, has opened the floodgates of awareness of sexual misconduct like no other. The movement is taking the Western world by storm, and has [...]

CRM Systems – Should You Believe The Hype?

If anyone tells you installing a customer relationship management (CRM) system is easy, think again. Depending on how large a user base your initial install will be, it can turn into a [...]

Antimicrobial Resistance Is A Global Threat

It is estimated that around 700,000 deaths occur annually as a result of infections by resistant bacteria – known as antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Without effective approaches to combat AMR, it [...]

Behaviour Change is Only One Aim of Carbon Taxes

Kickstarting the renewable energy economy comes first Pricing carbon is about much more than getting people to drive less. It is also about generating the money we need to accelerate the process [...]

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