Features » August 20

Rebuilding a Hobbled Economy While Answering to Ethics Issues Daunting tasks for the PM and his government

The Canadian government has not faced such a daunting health crisis since the outbreak of the 1919 Spanish flu and by extension has not faced such a dire economic crisis since World War Two. The [...]

Corporate Social Responsibility: Improving Firm Value through Enhanced Brand Value

Companies are making their social and environmental positions more visible. Examples abound, like Starbucks’s Race Together campaign to bring awareness about race relations in the United States [...]

Strengthening Social Resilience after the Pandemic

I keep thinking of the emergency room nurse profiled during the recent “Stronger Together/Tous Ensemble” benefit concert. Her specialty is the delicate and dangerous task of inserting a [...]

This is not the Great Recession, it’s the Great Reset

It has become glaringly apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately and negatively impacts women. COVID-19-related shelter-at-home policies began in earnest in March in Canada and [...]

COVID-19 Shows Support for Home Care Long Overdue

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has brought long-standing gaps in the Canadian care system sharply into focus, particularly for older adults who cannot live independently. As we collectively [...]

Adaptation – Top Transferable Skill in 2020

Many people seeking employment feel they cannot meet all the required skills listed in an advertisement. They stop considering it and don’t even apply for the position because they believe that [...]

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