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To commute or not commute your pension?

Whether you are retiring, starting a new job or taking time off, leaving an employer can often be an emotional time. Financial concerns and the need to make some important decisions, such as what [...]

The Gold Standard

It is a story surprisingly full of irony. Gold, the precious metal famously called a “barbarous relic” by the economist John Maynard Keynes, has been on an incredible bull run since [...]

The Currency Journey – How your money travels

Scenario That $5 bill you used to buy your morning coffee is quite the frequent flyer! It left your wallet in Ontario, and not a minute later was in the hands of an Albertan in town on business. [...]

Protectionism or national regulatory pitfall?

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, Canadian financial analysts, and many in Canada’s mining industry balked at BHP’s bid for Potash Corp this August, an offer valued at $40 billion. BHP [...]

Miway – A new level of service for Mississauga Transit

Mississauga’s motto is “leading today, for tomorrow”, and the city is certainly doing just that through their newly branded public transportation system. Developments to the [...]

CBJ Onsite: HWY H20

It is very interesting to think about how the consumption of grain in China affects farmers in Alberta, Canada or how weather patterns in India will have repercussions on global wheat prices. [...]

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