Features » December 12

3 Most Valuable Social Media Customers for Your Business

We live in interesting times. The world has pushed the boundaries of human intellect to places that would have been unimaginable just a century earlier. We have never been more connected with [...]

Are Your Workers Employed or Self-Employed? Why Your Business Needs to Know

A basic question that businesses need to consider when they hire an individual to carry out work for the business is whether the individual will be an employee or an independent contractor (i.e., [...]

Exclusive Interview with CEO Robert Hardt – Siemens Canada

By Angus Gillespie – It’s a formidable task to try and envision a business industry that moves faster than technological evolution. The equipment, gadgets and gizmos that amaze us today [...]

Alex Carrick: A Status Quo Result but a Very Different Future Ensured

Most estimates place the overall cost at $6 billion. That’s how much was spent by both Republicans and Democrats, the super-PACs and other advocacy groups in the recent U.S. Presidential [...]

Roy Green: $12,015: The Maximum Allowable Worth of a Canadian Military Veteran’s Estate

We are losing them at the rate of 500 per week. Members of the Greatest Generation and Canadian World War Two veterans. Even now with their numbers dwindling to “a precious few”, we [...]

Business Achievement Awards – StandardAero and GE Aviation Honoured

The Canadian American Business Council recently announced the recipients of the prestigious 2012 Canadian American Business Achievement Awards, presented at the Ottawa Convention Centre with a [...]

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