Features » December 15

Essential Personal Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs

Entrepreneurship remains alive and well in North America with thousands of people starting new businesses each year. But the success of those businesses is another matter. About half will fail in [...]

When Not Having a Strategy Is Okay

As a person develops their career from a junior position right through to executive management, one of the key requirements and differentiators as to who become the better executives are the ones [...]

Outdated Computer Systems Play Havoc with the Bottom Line

Assessing technology needs can help businesses stay competitive. One of the greatest characteristics of computer technology also can be problematic. It’s ever-evolving. While that’s exciting for [...]

The New Retirement Savings Landscape In Ontario

Effective May 2015, The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan ACT, 2015 (Bill 56) and the Ontario Pooled Pension Plans ACT, 2015 (Bill 57) received royal assent and as a result, two major new [...]

WHMIS 2015: A Big Deal for Small Businesses?

All organizations across the country – big and small – need to follow health and safety laws. If you are a business that supplies and distributes hazardous products that are intended for [...]

Canadian Citizens Deserve Better

In this day and age, Canadian industry is presently capable of providing us with a standard of living created by Canadians. This achievement will come as a result of the initiative and financial [...]

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