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Fiscal Cliff Crisis is Over But Debt-ceiling Crisis Looms

The fiscal cliff deal has put some important questions to rest. It has averted most—but not all—of the tax increases that otherwise would have kicked in at the beginning of 2013. The [...]

Climate Change and the Boiling Frog

The frog in the boiling pot of water experiment is an analogy often used to describe attitudes slow to change that in the end is potentially harmful. As the explanation goes, if a frog is placed [...]

Top 5 Strategies for Growing Your Business…Ca-ching!

More and more organizations are realizing that there’s a tremendous cost associated with losing a sales opportunity. It’s not only financial. It can also erode the confidence of your [...]

What’s so Great about Construction?

The Canadian economy pulled off a remarkable achievement in employment last year. An additional 300,000 jobs were created nationwide. Almost all of them were full-time positions. It’s [...]

Top 10

From a global economic perspective, Canada made it through 2012 relatively unscathed compared to many other advanced economies. Growth has been modest but steady, thanks to the lumber, auto and [...]

Who Speaks for Aboriginals?

The issue of indigenous people’s unrest and determination to pursue treaty obligations as agreed to by Aboriginal tribes and the Crown some 200 years ago is not something taken lightly by [...]

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