Features » February 15

Warren Buffett and his Nine Rules for Running a Business

Warren Buffett is legendary as an investor, but he’s also an incredibly successful businessperson, too — a fact that sometimes gets lost in the millions of words that have been written about his [...]

Minimum Wages and Their Impact on Employment

Political leaders are gearing up for the federal election, scheduled for October 19, 2015. NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair says that if he is elected prime minister, he will introduce a federal minimum [...]

Misguided Free Enterprise: A Case of Crony Capitalism

There’s capitalism, and then there’s “misguided free enterprise” — crony capitalism. Capitalism is great because it lets entrepreneurs raise money so they can scale up and get their products and [...]

Human Brains vs. Computers – Which to Choose?

Computers are more reliable, cheaper, require less attention, and you can leave them working overnight without HR asking why you are working them so hard. So why do we consistently choose human [...]

How to Answer the Dreaded “Got a Minute?”

Got a minute? The fact is, unless you are a great rarity today, you not only don’t have a minute, you have a yawning deficit of minutes. There is work unfinished on your desk. You have personal [...]

Four Stages To Monetize Social Media Marketing

Are you struggling to monetize your social media efforts? Do you feel stumped when it comes to the “selling” part of social selling? I understand the frustration you feel when it seems like your [...]

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