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City of Corner Brook

Mayor Greeley puts it one way. “Corner Brook has always been a wonderful spot to live. When I first came here in 1981, I always said that if I had the opportunity to come back here to work, I [...]

Arctic Sovereignty

“This memorial is erected today to commemorate the taking possession for the Dominion of Canada of the whole Arctic Archipelago.” Captain J.E. Bernier, Canadian mariner Bernier [...]

Onsite: LoyaltyOne Showcases Commitment to Sustainability

December 9, 2009, marked the official opening of LoyaltyOne’s new customer call centre in the heart of Mississauga’s financial district. Though it’s not uncommon for a company [...]


More and more organizations are recognizing the value of bringing social networking in-house. It’s the undeniable value proposition associated with corporate social networking that is [...]

Canada's Economic Edge

Why Canada Will Have an Economic Edge in 2010 Why is Canada an economic leader? People want to live and work in Canada, so they flock to city centres and rural areas to run businesses, [...]

The City of Corner Brook

“This is the most beautiful place on earth to live, I believe.” So says Mayor Greeley of the City of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Since researching the city that lies on the western coast of the [...]

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