Features » January 19

The China Syndrome: Will Diplomatic Friction Disrupt Economic Trade?

The economic relationship between Canada and China has never been one that would be called overtly warm and fuzzy, but it has grown over the decades to the point where Canada receives a great [...]

Harnessing the Power of AI to Prepare Businesses for the Future

There’s no denying that AI is becoming a pervasive part of the Canadian workplace. Businesses are setting higher goals and achieving more, faster. A Willis Towers Watson report from April 2018 [...]

Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers are a National Embarrassment – But We can Work Together To Change That

Canada’s framework for interprovincial trade is patchy at best. While Canada has signed on to free trade agreements with countries around the world, there are significant barriers to the free [...]

Treading through the muddy waters of M&A

It is hard to imagine someone else stepping in and taking over your team when you are at your peak. For 30 years I coached hockey teams and the first time I was fired I was devastated. I remember [...]

The 2018 retail showdown: Black Friday vs Boxing Day

Which of the Two Biggest Days for Sales will Reign Supreme? Lest you’ve been living an idyllic hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the northern reaches of this country, you’ve likely noticed the ascent [...]

Best practices to mitigate security threats

Your firewall is the first line of defense against security threats, but as you may already know, simply adding firewall devices to your network doesn’t ensure your network is secure; you need to [...]

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