Features » January 19

Speaking with a Stacked Deck

The speaker sat at the head table, between the Chamber of Commerce president and the program director. Breakfast was almost over and both had asked many questions about his favourite subject, the [...]

How to Write Blog Posts That Get Read And Shared

Does your audience feel inspired to share or engage with your blog post after reading it? Learning how to write blog posts that get read and shared is essential to an effective content marketing [...]

Rewarding Your Customers

One of the first things I ask business owners when I meet them for the first time whether it is at a meeting, a mutual introduction or at a networking event is “Do you have a referral and reward [...]

North American Magento Websites at Risk From Hackers For Security Oversight

Security web scans and analysis on almost 74,000 Canadian and US Magento websites, the most popular e-commerce platform globally, reveal 79% are at risk from cyber criminals, according to leading [...]

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