Features » July 11

The Honourable Ray Danyluk, Minister of Infrastructure

Of Alberta’s many ambassadors, few match the Honourable Ray Danyluk, Minister of Infrastructure’s exuberance. “Alberta is the place to be,” Danyluk told CBJ in an [...]

Clean 15 – A sustainability paradigm shift for businesses

Much of my day at Clean 15 is spent looking for technology solutions that are considered cleaner, greener, faster and better on behalf of larger corporations. The pressure of energy costs, [...]

Canadian Chamber of Commerce – The impact of the higher oil prices on the Canadian economy

Who would have through that the desperate act of one fruit vendor in a small village in Tunisia would unleash a wave of revolution in countries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), [...]

Global Wind Day – Celebrating clean energy, new jobs, and a brighter future

Wind is providing clean, affordable and safe energy in every Canadian province, enough to power more than 1.2 million homes On June 15, thousands of people in more than 30 countries around the [...]

When the Banks say no — Sources of non-traditional financing

In the business of investment banking we are exposed to all kinds of difficult situations that business owners can face. Sometimes our clients’ need for financing is driven by an unexpected [...]

Company of the Year – Govan Brown Construction Managers

It all began with a handshake agreement. The principles of Govan Brown Construction Managers, based out of Toronto, sought to create a company that would be the first in its class in construction [...]

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