Features » July 12

Forestry and Lumber Key Sectors of our National Economy

For many generations, the lumber industry has provided a way of life for Canadians, not only for domestic use but also exporting our wood products to our other countries. By far the strongest [...]

A Pair of Canadian Tech-Marketing Wizards Invent New iPhone App

A revolutionary free mobile app for photo sharing is now available in the iTunes App Store thanks to a pair of innovative tech-marketing gurus originally from Edmonton named Ward Chandler and [...]

Forestry in New Brunswick – A Major Force in the Provincial Economy

For decades one of the most significant employment sectors for the province of New Brunswick has been the forestry and lumber industry. In many ways, the sector has been forced to reinvent itself [...]

Mortgage Holders Take Note

Some recent changes to the mortgage lending system made by federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is being touted as an effort to save Canadians thousands of dollars when it comes to the rules [...]

Roy Green: A Teacher Risks His Career Challenging School Policy

Recently an Edmonton physics teacher’s suspension was the cause for national debate. Lynden Dorval stood at the head of classrooms for more than three decades and increasingly experienced [...]

It is Better to Forgive and Forget than to Resent and Remember

Yves Landry was the CEO of Chrysler Canada up until he died in 1998. A foundation has carried on his special work that follows his core belief. In short, Mr. Landry believed that Canada should: [...]

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