Features » July 14

Quit Relying on Distributors

When it comes to meeting someone you’ve spoken to over the phone – but not in person – you can’t help but have a preconceived notion about them.  As I was waiting to [...]

New “anti-spam” Law Confusing, Challenging for Small Business

As legislation comes into force, a survey conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) suggests many think it doesn’t apply to them. It would be strongly advised that [...]

Competition in Telecom: Scholars Debate This Ongoing Issue

The year 2013 will long be remembered as the most explosive and contentious the telecom industry has ever witnessed, with new players in the business sector looking to make headway against the [...]

At the Podium – Microsoft Canada’s Janet Kennedy

The Canadian Telecom Summit always attracts some of the biggest names in the industry, and this year was no exception with Microsoft Canada President Janet Kennedy among those on hand, delivering [...]

Creating Alliances to Ensure Canada’s Business Future

In her book, “Alpha Dogs”, author Donna Fenn states that “every year, 10% of small businesses-a half million (in the US) shut down for good; a quarter of all businesses never [...]

How to Win a Business Argument

You know the scene well – you’re in in the office or conference room, somebody has said something you really don’t agree with, and you decide you have to speak up. Not only [...]

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