Features » July 18

TRADE WARS: A Dangerous Economic Showdown With No End in Sight

The allied relationship between Canada and the United States is one that extends all the way back to our Confederation more than 150 years ago. The two countries share many commonalities, [...]

The Competitive Advantage for Top Miners through Data Driven Insights

It is no secret that mining companies are starting to realise the value data can bring to their operation, especially when it comes to guiding the decision-making process. Using data driven [...]

Your Profits Are Governed By Efficiency in Your People

Over the past 30 years of coaching hockey teams, I have come to learn that one of the most important aspects of a successful team is its ability to be efficient consistently. This included [...]

Donate Life Insurance to Charity to Maximize Tax Savings And Philanthropic Impact

Donating a life insurance policy to a charity can be a great way of leveraging your resources and making a more impactful gift in support of the causes that are important to you. There are [...]

Do Your LinkedIn Posts Help or Hurt Your Personal Brand?

Have you ever wondered if what you are posting is appropriate for LinkedIn? Did you know that some postings make actually harm your personal brand? If you are like most people, you probably use [...]

Prevention Decreases Demands On the Healthcare System

Provincial Ministers of Health and Ministers of Finance seek to “bend the health care cost curve” but year after year, provincial budgets bend the cost curve in the wrong direction, adding [...]

It’s Time Canada Had an Official Poverty Line

Poverty is hard to measure. There are many aspects besides living on low income, including having disabilities or costly health problems, not being able to find decent housing, not being able to [...]

What Did You Say?

I once read a report from the Harvard Business Review which examined the way leaders speak to the people who work for them. It started out by asking when was the last time you said some of the [...]

Canadians Have More Than One Million Unnecessary Medical Tests, Treatments and Procedures Each Year

Each year, there are at least one million unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures done in Canadian health care settings. This means that hundreds of thousands of Canadians are exposed to [...]