Features » June 12

The Effect of European Debt Crisis on Canadian Business

We live in an interconnected world where a financial crisis spreads like wild fire and markets in different continents move up and down in tandem. So it is no surprise that the European debt [...]

Enbridge Feels the Heat of More Northern Gateway Opposition

The future of the Enbridge Northern Gateway twin pipeline project and how it will ultimately proceed is a decision that could still be a long way off with numerous dissenting views on the [...]

CKOC Oldies 1150-AM – Canada’s Oldest Radio Station Turns 90

From high atop the picturesque Niagara escarpment in southern Ontario, Canada’s longest-running continuous on-air radio station 1150 CKOC-AM in Hamilton celebrated its 90th birthday last [...]

Confidentiality During Business Negotiations: What is Your Duty?

Entrepreneurs face many challenging decisions when growing and operating a company.  The directing minds of a company must continually evaluate business opportunities whenever such [...]

How the Markets are Impacting on the Zoomer Generation

The volatility in the global markets over the past 4 years has been at times unbearable! Last summer we experienced in my opinion the highest level of volatility at the time when the United [...]

Roy Green: When Doing Time isn’t Wasting Time (in federal prisons)

Preparing to visit the shop floor of a Canadian business success story I handed over my wallet, keys and cell phone. I stood still for a personal security wand check and what items I was [...]

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