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Features » June 12

Casting a Global Net and Exposing Canadian Companies to Risk

Do you operate in markets or industries with a high risk of corruption or bribery? Do you know if your internal anti-corruption policies are sufficient to defend your company and its senior [...]

How to Consolidate Tax Losses of a Related Corporation

Canadian corporations looking to maximize their resources in these challenging economic times may want to consider what opportunities are available for using the tax losses of a related Canadian [...]

Princess Margaret Hospital – Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

It’s that dreaded word nobody wants to hear or have to deal with. Life would be so much easier and less stressful if it weren’t a part of life on Earth. But cancer is a devastating [...]

Trends in Canadian Tax: Tightening the Net

When governments need cash, tax changes often follow. Knowing that voters do not look favorably on governments that bump tax rates, politicians often find more creative ways to squeeze revenue [...]

The Golden Age of Panama

I had the pleasure of working with two professionals who specialize in counseling corporate clients, private investors, and heads of SMEs in their acquisition or sale of commercial, industrial, [...]

Prepare Now to Survive Perfect ‘Cyber Crime’ Storm Ahead

It has been one year since hackers infiltrated multiple Sony Corp. websites, compromising millions of customer records containing private, personal information. Meanwhile, online attacks are on [...]

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