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Does Your Organization Leverage Its Extended Mind?

My team and I attended a meeting with a potential client to discuss the merits of external innovation as it related to their innovation needs.  We walked into an extremely well appointed [...]

Exclusive with Canada’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson

The essential backbone that keeps modern civilizations “civil” is the implementation and continued enforcement of the laws governing a country or territory. It could easily be argued [...]

Not-for-profit Governance

The Challenge:  Not-for-Profit boards are a constantly evolving entity, typically comprised of selfless, community-minded individuals who have come together to accept the great [...]

Casting a Global Net and Exposing Canadian Companies to Risk

Do you operate in markets or industries with a high risk of corruption or bribery? Do you know if your internal anti-corruption policies are sufficient to defend your company and its senior [...]

How to Consolidate Tax Losses of a Related Corporation

Canadian corporations looking to maximize their resources in these challenging economic times may want to consider what opportunities are available for using the tax losses of a related Canadian [...]

Princess Margaret Hospital – Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

It’s that dreaded word nobody wants to hear or have to deal with. Life would be so much easier and less stressful if it weren’t a part of life on Earth. But cancer is a devastating [...]

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