Features » June 12

CKOC Oldies 1150-AM – Canada’s Oldest Radio Station Turns 90

From high atop the picturesque Niagara escarpment in southern Ontario, Canada’s longest-running continuous on-air radio station 1150 CKOC-AM in Hamilton celebrated its 90th birthday last [...]

Confidentiality During Business Negotiations: What is Your Duty?

Entrepreneurs face many challenging decisions when growing and operating a company.  The directing minds of a company must continually evaluate business opportunities whenever such [...]

How the Markets are Impacting on the Zoomer Generation

The volatility in the global markets over the past 4 years has been at times unbearable! Last summer we experienced in my opinion the highest level of volatility at the time when the United [...]

Roy Green: When Doing Time isn’t Wasting Time (in federal prisons)

Preparing to visit the shop floor of a Canadian business success story I handed over my wallet, keys and cell phone. I stood still for a personal security wand check and what items I was [...]

The Future at Canada Post

The big question surrounding Canada Post these days is whether or not this once highly profitable Crown corporation will be able to reinvent itself and continue to be relevant in this day and age [...]

Alex Carrick: So Who’s Really in Charge?

Is this another world-spinning-out-of-control story? Yes, but with a twist. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. Global economic affairs have been largely chaotic since the onset of the [...]

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