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FCCQ Shows its Support For Pipeline Development

There are times when eastern and western Canada mix together about as well as oil and water. But in business, when the topic is solely oil – both ends of the country seem to be largely on [...]

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Enterprise

Collaboration   That one word – and the direct message behind it – is what stood out most during a one-day conference organized by The Canadian Chamber of Commerce known as The [...]

The Push for More Women on Corporate Boards of Directors

Based on the most recent survey numbers available, Canada ranks sixth among the top 20 industrialized countries when it comes to having women on corporate boards of directors. There continues to [...]

The Global Search for a New Fuel Source

Climate Change is here. Whether one believes it will affect us immediately or gradually over time, more and more scientists, governments and businesses are beginning to see the predicted effects [...]

A Frequently Answered Question

By Mara Ashraf   In my 20-plus years in banking I have been asked and have answered my fair share of questions on a number of different topics. The question in the title of this article is a [...]

The 2013 Federal Budget

The main goals of the 2013 Federal Budget consisted of creating jobs, simplifying taxes and closing perceived tax loopholes.   The following elements in the budget have the biggest impact on [...]

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