Features » June 16

Debtor in Possession Financing in Canada

Debtor in Possession (DIP) financing describes the funding obtained by an insolvent debtor while that debtor is restructuring its business. The term DIP financing originated from the American [...]

Leadership 101 – Don’t Plan Alone

Having been in Executive leadership and sales management for many years, I was quite accustomed to someone higher up asking for more of something. Most of the time it was more revenues, but it [...]

What to Look For in Your Next CFO

There’s no “one size fits all” formula when it comes to hiring a CFO. But there are some traits and qualifications that you should be looking for when you’re putting together your hiring [...]

Impactful Innovation Comes From a Portfolio Approach

Canada continues to score below comparable G20 nations on all indicators of innovation, particularly on productivity – an undeniable economic stimulator. Historically, we are also relatively slow [...]

English Losing Global Leadership

Two thousand years ago, English was the unwritten tongue of Iron Age tribes in Denmark. A thousand years ago, it was living in the shadow of French-speaking overlords on what is the UK today. No [...]

Building a Workforce Through Immigration

A fundamental barrier to building upon the Canadian economy is due in large part to a shortage of workers who can adequately advance business innovation and product development. With certain [...]

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