Features » June 20

Creating the New Normal

After more than two months of being socially distanced in a dreary lockdown society the dust is beginning to settle and as such Canadians are managing a glimpse of the prodigious damage tendered [...]

Governments Must Do More to Provide Critical Internet Access to Low Income Households

There was a time when Internet access was a luxury – a ‘nice to have,’ – but that time has long since past. Now, with COVID-19, Internet access is an essential lifeline to health appointments, [...]

There is a playbook for Return-to-Work — ask Moms and Dads

At some point – maybe soon, maybe still many weeks away – we will be presented with the monumental task of bringing employees across the country back to work. Employees who have been physically [...]

Improving Business Access to Public Equity Capital: The first Order of Business for Recovery

Governments are starting to consider the complicated process of lifting the lockdown of the economy and policy options to support recovery. A key concern is the alarming deterioration in the [...]

2020 Protocols

Old Ways Everyone, including business executives, is being warned that handshakes are no longer allowed. So how can a Texan tycoon commit himself to a business deal with an awkward elbow bump [...]

A Digital Vaccination Scar for the 21st Century

In the 1800s, smallpox ravaged the world. Fortunately, a vaccine had been developed that could protect individuals. This vaccine left a scar at the site of injection and identified the [...]

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