Features » March 10

Faster, higher, stronger …poorer?

The Olympic Games have a long and rich history of prestige, supreme athleticism and regional representation, dating back to Ancient Greece in the 8th century BCE. It was a simpler time then; the [...]

Clean 15: Connecting Canadian clean tech with the Global 1000

Depending on whom you ask, Canada could be falling behind in what was described by U.S. President Barack Obama as the “space race” of our era. Obama is referring to clean technology, which he [...]

Preparing for a stress-free tax season

As tax season approaches, a lot of us are thinking about personal finances. If all went according to plan last year, we are all prepared with receipts, T4s and other documents we need to file. [...]

CBJ ONSITE: Business leaders awarded the Order of Ontario

“These individuals have opened their minds to new possibilities, and as a result have gone above and beyond to change our province, our country and the world for the better.” – [...]

News in Review

Nortel considers shedding more patents As Nortel Networks Corp. moves into the final stage of liquidation, the telecommunications company is looking at selling all or part of its library of [...]