Features » March 12

Social Media Series: How Businesses Should be Using Social Media

The majority of companies using social media now realize the importance of it, but many do not take full advantage of the opportunities social media lends, nor do they employ its theory [...]

PDAC Leadership Changes

The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada has undergone two major leadership changes on its executive branch in the span seven months.  Scott Jobin-Bevans relinquishes his role as [...]

Open Innovation and the World’s Second Largest Gold Company

By Dwayne Matthews Earlier this year the Toronto Board of Trade had its 124th annual dinner. The event attracted the who’s who of the Toronto Business community. This year the keynote [...]

Former PDAC President John Hansuld

The successful development of a gold mine provides much the same rush of adrenaline and excitement for a geologist that winning an award or title would be like in most any other business industry [...]

Canadian Chamber of Commerce – Preparing Canada’s Youth for the Jobs of Tomorrow

On February 8, 2012, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce launched a 10-point national plan to improve Canada’s economic competitiveness. The Chamber will harness the power and voice of its [...]

Roy Green: For Occupy Wall Street 2012, a Future or an Obituary?

There is no question that the world is an increasingly fractious and dangerous place.  All eyes are currently focused on Iran, its braggadocio concerning the quickly developing nuclear [...]

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