Features » March 13

Customer Experience Vital According to Survey

Based on two newly published studies, Temkin Group finds that 46 per cent of companies plan to hire additional staff for their customer experience efforts in 2013 while only 5 per cent expect a [...]

PDAC 2013

Every year during the first week in March, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) hosts a massive international mining event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. [...]

“Wild Excitement!” The Business of Rodeo

“It is fan attendance, and their support of sponsors, that pay rodeo expenses, payouts and contributes to the well-being of tens of thousands of families and hundreds of communities.” [...]

Is Social Media Just a Popularity Contest?

Popularity is a funny thing online. You can reach millions of people with a couple clicks of a mouse but never actually meet them in person. We often get tied to metrics like web traffic or [...]

Finding Your Perfect Franchise Match

The number one question I get asked by prospective franchisees is what is the best franchise? Usually these individuals want me to give them the ‘inside scoop’ on which franchises are [...]

Why Is Franchising Important, You May Ask?

As with many questions, there is more than one answer. For example, from an economic perspective, franchising is important due to the significant impact it creates in Canada. Take for instance, [...]

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