Features » March 18

B.C. vs. Alberta – The Rivalry Intensifies

There has always been a competitive rivalry between British Columbia and Alberta and it has extended from such notable sectors as tourism, manufacturing, construction, retail services and natural [...]

On NAFTA, Uncertainty is Our Enemy

The prospects for global growth have brightened in recent months as the strengthening recovery in Canada and the U.S. has been matched by promising momentum in Europe and Asia. But, amid more [...]

Intelligent Entrepreneurship: How AI and Automation are Working in Favour of Small Businesses

Over the past year, we’ve seen automation technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionize nearly every industry – from transportation, to finance, to healthcare. Self-driving trucks [...]

How to Turn Your Business Decline Upside Down

Your business has hit a plateau or worse started to decline. What is going on? For months and probably even years, revenues have been great. Profits are healthy. The culture is fun, easy going [...]

Taking Healthcare Innovation Beyond the Pilot Phase

It all started when the two of us sat down over a cup of coffee. As a family physician and endocrinologist, we stand on opposite sides of a large chasm called patient wait times, and we both [...]