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The word ‘resplendent,’ meaning shining brilliantly, must be the best single word that can describe a city whose diversity is so great that it is difficult to contain in just any [...]

Clean 15 Series:Sustainability just makes good business sense

By Dwayne Matthews  Wal-Mart recently announced that it was going to cut its emissions by 20 million metric tonnes by 2015. This means in five years the company plans to cut the equivalent [...]

Fort St. John

Located along the Alaska Highway, Fort St. John has come a long way since its debut as a trading post in 1794 (as the oldest non-native settlement in the province). Still a relatively small city [...]

Talking with a dragon

If there’s one thing I have learned from interviewing entrepreneurs and executives, it’s that business is extremely easy to depersonalise. You can have conversations around topics [...]

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Advances in communications and information technologies, and liberalization of trade and investment policies are accelerating the pace of global economic integration. Skilled workers, businesses [...]

Loonie, meet greenback

Early in the morning on April 6, our beloved loonie reached par with the U.S. dollar. It continued trading around that level throughout the day, but closed below parity. On April 14, [...]

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