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Three Steps to Avoid Merger Meltdown

The easiest time to change is when we are in crisis mode.  It’s human nature to resist change unless a decisive moment forces our hand. During a merger, transition can be overwhelming [...]

How Can You Tell the Good Franchisors from the Bad?

The success of a franchise system and the contentment of the franchisees in the system are very much a product of the character, strengths and weaknesses of the franchisor.  A franchisor, to [...]

Disruptive Black Swans

A short while ago I was fortunate enough to meet author Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell, with his iconic hair, was exactly as I expected him; reserved, pensive and extremely observant. He had managed [...]

Resurgence of the Entrepreneurial Dream

Over the past few years the amount of people who have become interested in self-employment has doubled to tripled – 10 years ago only about 10 per cent of job seekers were considering [...]

The Personal Brand Revolution

We all know about the brands that don’t require a full name – Oprah, Lady Gaga, Martha, Elvis, The Donald… their brand says it, without saying a word. Do you think these [...]

Five Questions for Your Franchisor

How can you predict the success of your newly opened franchise business, particularly in terms of earnings? While a successful ‘track record’ may exist for businesses like yours and [...]

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