Features » May 16

Impact of Budget 2016 on Your Financial Planning

Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, presented the first federal budget of prime minister, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government on March 22, 2016. Budget 2016 included a big emphasis on infrastructure [...]

Where is Canada going from here? Only an Entrepreneurial Revival Will Save the Day

Canada’s needs are rapidly changing as the ability to put food on our own tables diminishes. Foreign debt investors are supplying the capital to provide us with our bare necessities based on our [...]

Grow Your Business by Hiring Nurturing Leaders

Many of us unconsciously believe that women in leadership roles should be like men —whether we will admit this or not. Certainly, this view has gained support in research of successful leaders: [...]

What Can An Executive Achieve In One Minute?

You may not know that I am a big fan of Tim Ferris and his great book “The 4-Hour Workweek”. It really is incredible what can be achieved in just 4 hours, but I wondered if this idea was taken a [...]

Manitoba Honey Farm Develops First-of-its-Kind ‘Smart’ Beehive

The Canadian beekeeping industry is abuzz with news that Manitoba researchers have found a way to ‘see’ inside beehives without lifting their lids, giving honey producers a leg up in the face of [...]

B.C. Poised to Lead Canada’s Economic Expansion

B.C. and Ontario are forecast to spearhead the country in economic growth through 2016, deemed to be the country’s current leading provincial economic drivers. The need for these two established [...]

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