Features » May 17

The Canadian Open – A National Tradition Since 1904

Steeped in rich tradition dating back to 1904 the RBC Canadian Open golf championship is recognized as one of the premier annual tournaments on the PGA Tour. Each year the world’s best golfers [...]

The Way Hackers Will Try To Attack Businesses In 2017

Picture this. You’re sitting in your office gazing out the window when something catches your eye—a drone. You watch it a few minutes and then quickly return to work. It all seems innocent [...]

Forget the Robot Revolution… Let’s talk about Revolutionizing Middle Management

The World Economic Forum expects over five million jobs will switch ownership from humans to robots in the next five years. Concern about the predicted ‘Great Displacement of the Human Workforce’ [...]

A Big Boost To Business Investment

Canada’s businesses are optimistic about increasing investments this year, but there is a big barrier that needs to be addressed. Before any development project, such as a mine or road can begin, [...]

Choosing the Right Financial Partner When Selling Your Business

Lee Monahan, a partner at Harren Equity Partners, believes that business owners often think of “private equity” as a sector where all participants have a similar culture, strategy, and approach. [...]

LinkedIn’s Dirty Dozen & How to Avoid Them

In the world of nutrition, the dirty dozen is a list of produce that has the highest level of pesticides. In the world of marketing…we have some similar pests that can plague us. In fact, this [...]

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